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Payment and Refund Issue: The payment for the services that is provided by Oley.co.in has to be made in the name of "oley Net-Sol Private Limited" only. We have not collaborated with any other organisation or individual to collect the payment on our behalf or in any other name (i.e. any other individual or organisation name) for any services done by Oley.co.in. We hereby declare that under no circumstances or situation, Oley.co.in shall not be responsible for any loss caused in your business transaction due to such fraudulent individuals or organisations.


Limitation of Liability: The user is warned against revealing any personal/confidential/secret details or information to any the previous or current employee of the organization. If the User considers doing so, he/she would take such step at his/her own risk and the Site/Firm whatsoever will not be held responsible for leaking of such information  including and not just limited to the havoc caused by loss of profit or savings, business interruption, loss of information or repute.


Matter of Disputes and Jurisdictional Aspects: Any kind of legal dispute concerning Oley.co.in dealt only in the territory of Jamnagar(Gujarat). All the legal issues are subjected only to the pertinent contemporary’s laws that are in force at Jamnagar to the jurisdiction of the court located in Jamnagar only.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This particular agreement and any argument or subject matter arising from the subsidiary use of Oley.co.in, is conducted by the laws of Indian constitution. All the members of the firm hereby submit to the restricted jurisdiction of the courts at Jamnagar-Gujarat, India. This Agreement has been accepted for the use of the Site and further declared by becoming a Member of the Oley.co.in, includes the entire agreement between the user and Oley.co.in about the use of the Site as well as the Service. If any stipulation of this Agreement is alleged to be invalid, the balance of this Agreement shall continue in occupied force and effect.


Cancel and return: With Oley.co.in, there is no encouragement or availability of cancellation and refund.