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At telanganarealty.in  we verify each owner/tenant's account and activate it after verifying that the user is genuine.  

Email verification is very simple. As soon as you register you will receive a mail with link to verify your email. It hardly takes a couple of minutes.

Generally a mobile number verification happens in less than 2 hours.

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One of the biggest reasons why a user would want to use telangana realty portal in the first place is because we can help expose and showcase your home listing to a broad section of buyers who are qualified to buy your house and interested in your specific dwelling.
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90% of all Buyers search telangana realty and by using our portal, we can disseminate your listing across the broadest possible global spectrum. Whether it be via portal, mainstream media, social networks, or blogs, a potential buyer can see your property from anywhere in the country….anywhere in the world.


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