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OLEY.CO.IN is currently the best real estate website in Gujarat which is helping property owners, manufacturers, distributors, agents, home furnishers, and loan developers and so on.  We are the best property portal in comparison with the other portals available.

Have you already registered in OLEY.CO.IN ? If not, register soon. Advertising with us is of huge benefit as we connect you to the best customers. However, you may ask why to choose this particular portal. The answer is quite simple, this is the only online platform that provides you with the benefits to buy, sell, rent or furnish classified search. It also connects you to several individual property owners, manufacturers, distributors, agents, home furnishers, loan developers and so on.  Are you looking for residential properties in India or commercial properties in India ? Post your ads here and get connected to the best place to buy land in India.


But Why OLEY.CO.IN and not some other platform?


A Single Platform that allows you to find buy, sell, rent or furnishing classified search and more

  • Individual Property owners
  • Dealers/Brokers/Agents/Consultants
  • Builders/Developers
  • Loan Providers
  • Home Furnishers – Manufacturer/Distributor/Dealer/Exclusive Outlet
  • Home Service Experts - Building Contractor/Home Loan provider/Plumber/Electrician..& many more


Affordable Plans Make OLEY.CO.IN, Preferred Choice of Property

Owner/Individual :


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On OLEY.CO.IN, your Ads may be last amongst many of ads, that appears every day, There is a way sponsor Ad /Premium Ad display your Ad in a designed area in a highlighted manner.

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Your Ad is on the site for a few days but did not get any replies yet? Take Advantage of Sponsor / Premium Ad up to 10 times more responses than the other Ads!! That makes users visit them more often and you will get more replies. We believe that all quality promotions come at a cost, OLEY.CO.IN makes no exception.


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Personalized folder at OLEY.CO.IN to check and reply the queries.

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To protect your business interests, please contact us immediately if any such fraudulent individual or organization tries to mislead you


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Property Dealer / Brokers / Consultants


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